We're a Regina web design & Kelowna web design agency.

Web Design

Having an old website or not having one at all could easily deter potential customers. After all, a website is an online storefront. Our web design service promises an eye-catching, functional website that strengthens your brand, attracts more visitors and converts them into customers.
We're a Regina digital marketing & Kelowna digital marketing agency.

Digital Marketing

Even if you build it, they might not come. That is why marketing is one of the best investments you can make to your business. Our digital marketing service can help you reach more prospective clients, enhance your online presence and improve customer engagement.
We're a web design & digital marketing agency in Regina & Kelowna.


What they say about us

Memories Dining & Bar

“Your team has added tremendous value to our business and digital marketing efforts. It is always a pleasure working with you and your team. We would easily recommend you to anyone that is looking for professional digital marketing services that want to see a return on investment within their business.”

Thomas Siarkos, Owner

Warren Steinley, MLA

“Project Pi created a visually appealing website that is easy to navigate with its simple but effective design. The team has an eye for clean, operative websites, and was easy to get a hold of for changes and formatting. They have created exactly what we need and were looking for. Thanks again!”

Warren Steinley, Regina MLA

DLG Immigration Services

“The team at Project Pi got to know our business very well during the web design process and was able to build us a site that looks clean, flows nicely and most importantly, suits our needs. They had also been a big help in maintaining our website and expanding our business post-launch.”

Jing Sung, Owner

Why us?

We design quality, custom websites without using pre-made tempaltes.

Quality Over Profit

We do not sacrifice quality for anything. We don’t just throw contents into pre-made templates to save money on web development, like many digital agencies do. We will design you a website that is congruent with your brand and vision.
We treat our web design & digital marketing clients like business partners.

Business Partner

You won’t be just another client to us because we treat our clients like business partners. We see their success as ours, so we only recommend what’s best for them and never try to upsell them on things they cannot benefit from.
We use open-source content management system (CMS) for our proejcts.

Not Locked-in

Unlike some web design agencies, we do not try to lock our clients in with proprietory content management systems (CMS) that makes it difficult to move to other agencies. Instead, we keep our customers by delivering results and making them happy.
We're local to Regina Saskatchewan and Kelowna British Columbia.

We're Local

We are local to Regina, Saskatchewan and Kelowna, British Columbia, we also serve the surrounding areas. You will be working with and supporting a local digital agency and marketing professionals that really care about your business.



On websites & marketing
We put together some useful tips to help you make more informed decisions regarding your website design and digital marketing needs and initiatives.

Is Your eCommerce Site SSL-enabled?

Whenever I come across an eCommerce site, or even just an informational business website, that is not SSL-enabled, I shake my head. SSL stands for Secured Sockets Layer, also known as Transport Layer Security (TLS). It is a protocol that creates a secured connection between two machines over a network. What does SSL do and why is it a must-have for any eCommerce site? Read on to find out. Look...

Why We Don’t Recommend GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the biggest companies in web hosting, their commercials can be seem on TV and social media often starring celebrities. You may think it’s safe to go with a big name like GoDaddy when it comes to web hosting, but we’ve had our shares of bad experience and therefore cannot recommend hosting with them. Here’s why… Aggressive Sale One of our clients was already hosting with GoDaddy...

Why You Should Invest in Digital Marketing

The reason why you should invest in digital marketing is quite simple - you wouldn't open a physical store without advertising, so why would you launch a website without marketing it online? Even if you don't actually sell anything online, digital marketing is a great way to promote your offline business. Predictable Results Since digital marketing is done using computer systems, campaign...

Does Your Business Need a Mobile App

It seems like there's an app for just about anything nowadays, and if you're shopping for a new website, most agencies will include mobile app developement in their proposals or quotes. A mobile app may seem like a logical investment to make for a business, but it's completely unnecessary and a waste of money for most small businesses. Allow me to explain why... Mobile Site vs App The main...

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is still a relatively new approach to designing websites, even though the technology has existed for a while; but what is a responsive website exactly, and more importantly, why does your business website need to be responsive? This article answers those two questions in details, and also explains why having a mobile responsive website saves money in the long run.  The...

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