Albatross Roofing

Albatross Roofing, based in Edmonton, excels in commercial, flat roofing while also offering residential roofing, siding, and eavestrough services. They had a website but sought a fresh design to better represent their expertise, and that’s where we stepped in.

Website Design

Our web design journey began by examining their existing logo, which was well-done. The unique font in the logo, although uppercase only, carried the brand’s identity, so we used it in shorter headings while pairing it with a more readable font elsewhere.

We repurposed the logo as a watermark, a subtle touch that carries through various pages of the site. High-quality images were used throughout to showcase their services. In choosing colours, we mirrored the black and white of the logo and the colour of their fleet vehicles to maintain a cohesive brand look across the site.

Search Optimized Content

Before crafting the content, we delved into all the services Albatross Roofing provides, alongside the roofing materials they utilize. Conducting keyword research, we pinpointed what potential customers are searching for online. We then created search-optimized content for each service page to better reach these potential customers. The plan is to keep the content updated, targeting relevant keywords to improve the site’s visibility on search engines.


The redesign of Albatross Roofing’s website not only modernized its look but also enhanced its search engine readiness. Our client is thrilled with this transformation, now boasting a website that reflects their high-quality services and is positioned to attract more online visitors. This project was a success, making both us and our client proud of the outcome. Check out their website at