Rise Tape

Rise Tape, made in West Kelowna, British Columbia, is a versatile safety product used as a bird deterrent, hazard marker, and rope guardrail in industries like oil and gas, construction, and agriculture. Their initial one-page website lacked the needed structure and content for good search engine rankings, so we stepped in to help.

Search Engine Optimized Content

Before diving into new website’s design, we spent time understanding our client’s products to create search engine friendly content. Given the varied use of Rise Tape across different sectors, we also brushed up on industry-specific information.

Website Design

Taking cues from our client’s logo and the colour of their products, we chose a matching typeface and colour scheme. The website was structured to highlight Rise Tape’s versatility in different applications. We also set up an e-commerce system for potential online sales in the future.

Web Development

Since Rise Tape is sold through a network of distributors, we added a feature in the content management system to easily add new distributors as needed.


Our client is thrilled with their new website, which now accurately reflects Rise Tape’s diverse applications. This update is just the beginning, and we look forward to helping them reach new markets with our expertise in SEO, paid ads and social media ads.