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Articles on Digital Marketing

Here are some articles we wrote about the marketing in the digital age.

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Why SEO Needs to Be Part of Web Design

Most of the websites we build for our clients are search engine optimized (SEO), except for those that don’t have the business need for it, for example, public sector and private access only websites. However, when it comes to optimizing client websites we didn’t build, sometimes the sites are in

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Google Analytics user-interface

SEO Software Isn’t Substitute for SEO Services

We’ve been asked by our clients in the past, “what do you think of this SEO software? Does it work, and should I get it?” Or in some other cases, clients would claim that their sites have been optimized because they installed some SEO plugin. Clearly, there seems to be

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Fonts matter in web design.

The Best Font for Your Business Logo Design

At Project Pi, we usually write our own content, but today we have a guest post from Michelle Richards on how to choose the best font for your business logo. Enjoy. Q: What’s the best font for a business logo? A: Are you kidding? There are some millions of fonts

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Reasons why one should invest in digital marketing.

Why You Should Invest in Digital Marketing (Updated 2020)

The reason why you should invest in digital marketing is quite simple – you wouldn’t open a physical store without advertising, so why would you launch a website without marketing it online? Even if you don’t actually sell anything online, digital marketing is a great way to promote your offline

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Full-page banner on a website.

Web Design Trends That Affect SEO

With advancements in web browsers, bandwidth, and mobile computing power, developers have gained quite a bit of freedom. What wasn’t quite possible before due to resource limitations are now non-issues. As a result, the usage of oversized, high-quality media and highly interactive elements have become trends in web design. While

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Organic SEO concept.

Organic SEO vs Paid Ads

Our clients often ask whether to allocate more budget on organic SEO or paid ads on Google and social media. The answers are never the same because there are pros and cons to both. In an ideal world, we would suggest investing equally in both. However, not every company has

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Web design company staff having a meeting.

We’re Not (Just) a Web Design Company

Not a Web Design Company You read that right; we’re not a web design company, even though we develop awesome websites. We focus on solutions that improve our clients’ business results, and web design is just one of the many things we do to help companies get more leads, more

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