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Articles on Web Design

Here are some articles we wrote about the planning, design, development and maintenance of websites.

Top Tips

Graphic designers looking at colour palletes

Can Graphic Designers Do Web Design?

We’ve had clients that came to us with web designs put together by their graphic designers, which they wanted us to implement. While this is something we can accommodate, there are some caveats with this approach. This article discusses what graphic designers do and why you may or may not

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Full-page banner on a website.

Web Design Trends That Affect SEO

With advancements in web browsers, bandwidth, and mobile computing power, developers have gained quite a bit of freedom. What wasn’t quite possible before due to resource limitations are now non-issues. As a result, the usage of oversized, high-quality media and highly interactive elements have become trends in web design. While

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Website design wireframe.

How to Choose a Web Designer

We hate saying this, but the bar for being a web designer nowadays is getting lower and lower. This is mostly due to the number of drag-and-drop page builders available, such as Wix, SquareSpace, and such. You see, back in the days, one must learn the craft of HTML, CSS, JavaScript,

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Web design company staff having a meeting.

We’re Not (Just) a Web Design Company

Not a Web Design Company You read that right; we’re not a web design company, even though we develop awesome websites. We focus on solutions that improve our clients’ business results, and web design is just one of the many things we do to help companies get more leads, more

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Woman using a calculator

How Much Does a Website Cost

There are two main costs to having a website – the upfront cost of having it built and the ongoing cost of running it. In this article, we help you understand the various costs associated with owning a website so that you know what to expect and how much to

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Mockup design for a custom website on a laptop.

Our Custom Website Design Process

The key to ensuring the success of a custom website project is by following a rigorous design process, which involves various phases. First, we start by learning about your business and planning out the project before beginning with the design. We also plan your SEO strategy and content before actual

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What is SSL and why is it so important.

Is Your eCommerce Site SSL-enabled?

Whenever I come across an eCommerce site or even just an informational business website that is not SSL-enabled, I shake my head. SSL stands for Secured Sockets Layer, also known as Transport Layer Security (TLS). It is a protocol that creates a secured connection between two machines over a network.

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Why the biggest brand in web hosting isn't that great at all.

Why We Don’t Recommend GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the biggest companies in web hosting, their commercials can be seen on TV and social media, often starring celebrities. You may think it’s safe to go with a big name like GoDaddy when it comes to web hosting, but we’ve had our shares of bad experiences

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This article explains why a mobile app is unnecessary in most cases.

Does Your Business Need a Mobile App

Nowadays, many web design agencies will try to sell you a mobile app if you ask for a quote. It may seem like a logical investment to make just because many businesses have one. However, for most small businesses, it’s unnecessary, and a waste of money, and here’s why… Mobile

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Responsive web design optimizes websites for all device types and orientations.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is still a relatively new approach to designing websites, even though the technology isn’t new, but what is a responsive website exactly? More importantly, why does your business website need to be responsive? This article answers those questions and explains why having a mobile responsive website saves

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