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Articles on Web Design

Here are some articles we wrote about the planning, design, development and maintenance of websites.

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Badly designed website.

Why Most Web Design Companies Don’t Do Good Work

Through our experience in web development for numerous clients, we have observed that most work produced by other web design companies fail to meet the mark. This article looks closely at the reasons behind this trend and highlights how we differ in our approach. Web Design & Development Are Not

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Signs you should fire your web designer or developer.

Signs That You Should Fire Your Web Designer or Developer

The industry is saturated with unqualified web designers and developers because they are not accredited professionals, and also because modern software allows individuals to design websites with minimal knowledge and experience. The results they produce, compared to ones done professionally, are often night and day. We’ve put together the following

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Mobile-first vs desktop-first web design process.

Mobile-First vs Desktop-First Web Design

Mobile-first and desktop-first are two different approaches to responsive web design. In this article, we explain what each methodology is and entails, as well as when one is better than the other. What is Mobile-First Web Design? Mobile-first is an approach to web design that focuses on optimizing for devices

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WordPress is the most popular CMS for web design.

Is WordPress the Best CMS for Web Design?

Depending on the source, it is said that WordPress powers between 41% to 65% of websites on Internet. While that’s a huge gap, most studies would agree that WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the planet for web design. But just because it’s the most popular, does

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Why SEO Needs to Be Part of Web Design

Most of the websites we build for our clients are search engine optimized (SEO), except for those that don’t have the business need for it, for example, public sector and private access only websites. However, when it comes to optimizing client websites we didn’t build, sometimes the sites are in

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Website user frustrated by web design mistakes.

Common Web Design Mistakes to Look Out For

Let’s say you’re a business owner; how do you know if the web designer you hired or are about to hire is qualified and experienced? It’s quite easy, actually. All you have to do is examine the website the designer built and see if you can spot some of these

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Web design and development professionals working together.

Differences Between Web Design & Development

Do you ever wonder what the differences between web design and development are and what kind of professionals you need to hire to build your website? In this article, we explain exactly that and the different skill sets web designers and developers possess. What is Web Design? Web design is

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Graphic designers looking at colour palletes

Can Graphic Designers Do Web Design?

We’ve had clients that came to us with web designs put together by their graphic designers, which they wanted us to implement. While this is something we can accommodate, there are some caveats with this approach. This article discusses what graphic designers do and why you may or may not

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Full-page banner on a website.

Web Design Trends That Affect SEO

With advancements in web browsers, bandwidth, and mobile computing power, developers have gained quite a bit of freedom. What wasn’t quite possible before due to resource limitations are now non-issues. As a result, the usage of oversized, high-quality media and highly interactive elements have become trends in web design. While

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Website design wireframe.

How to Choose a Web Designer

We hate saying this, but the bar for being a web designer nowadays is getting lower and lower. This is mostly due to the number of drag-and-drop page builders available, such as Wix, SquareSpace, and such. You see, back in the days, one must learn the craft of HTML, CSS, JavaScript,

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