STICS Construction

STICS Construction is a doors & windows installer and distributor in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They worked on a lot of residential renovation projects, but eventually became specialized in doors and windows due to market demand. As a result, their old website no longer showcased what they do, so we got to work.

Premium Web Design

Our client liked the look and feel of the old website, but there were few minor issues. The old site was built with Wix, and therefore was not mobile responsive. Even though it did have a mobile version of the site, the platform was quite limiting in terms of customization. Additionally, the old design had some issues such as inconsistent content width and margin, which made browsing a bit more difficult. We took the web design elements that were good, and made it consistent throughout the new website. During the re-design, we also made sure to use the same font that’s used in the logo.

Search Engine Optimized Catalogue

Since the old website only had one page about doors and windows, search engines such as Google did not have a lot of content to index. Furthermore, prospective clients couldn’t look up what products they carry or install. So not only was the old site not optimized for search engines, it also wasn’t optimized for customer experience. We changed that by creating a product catalogue of what our client carries. It was a time consuming process to create the catalogue with all the customizable options such as colours, window styles and hardware, but it will help both search engines and prospective customers understand what STICS offers.

Our client was very happy with the result. We plan to continue our post-launch SEO work to help further improve our client’s search visibility. Check out their website at