Local SEO

Dominate Locally with Local SEO

Local SEO a set location-based digital marketing techniques that aim to improve search visibility for audience in specific regions. In a digitally-driven world, local businesses can sometimes be overshadowed by large national corporations. But with the right strategy and approach, local companies can still dominate search results and drive valuable foot traffic or localized online business. 

We offer custom web design for small businesses.

Proven Track Record

With years of experience and success in industries like hospitality, construction, landscaping, marketing, and retail, our approach to local SEO is holistic. By creating a search engine optimized website tailored to your local audience, crafting highly relevant content that resonates with them, establishing robust online business profiles, and building valuable interlinks with pertinent sites, we ensure your business doesn’t just show up — it stands out.

Key Benefits

Local SEO strategy focuses on relevant, market-specific content for better local search ranking.


We take local search behaviours and intents into consideration when it comes to creating search engine optimized content to not only ensure it is relevant to the market, but also gives our clients the best chance at ranking locally.

Enhance business visibility by embedding schema markup for rich search results of products and events.


By embedding the appropriate schema markup in the source code of your website, we can get your products and events listed as rich search results in search engines, thus boosting your business' visibility.

Elevate online authority and visibility by connecting with relevant businesses through our diverse client base.


By harnessing our diverse client base, and connecting relevant businesses and organizations, we can elevate your website's online authority and visibility in the local digital ecosystem.

Boost local search ranking with consistent contact info across online directories, expertly managed by our team.


Consistent contact information such as name, address and phone number across various online directories and websites can boost your local search ranking. We can help you set up your business profiles and ensure the information is up-to-date.

We've optimized websites and unified online images, achieving top local search results, expanding beyond local markets.


With optimized websites and unified online images across various platforms, we have helped our clients achieve top local search results, some of which were so successfully that they had grown beyond local markets.

Monthly performance reports display website traffic and local rankings, guiding continuous improvement and defense strategies.


We provide monthly SEO performance reports that show your website's traffic and local rankings. The results are constantly monitored to help us determine the next step to take to improve or defend the positions.