Budget Builders

Budget Builders, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, transitioned over time from broad residential construction company to a specialized window and door store, driven by market demand. However, their old website didn’t reflect this specialization, prompting a much-needed overhaul.

Website Design

The original website, built on Wix, had a mobile version but lacked true mobile responsiveness, and the customization options were limited. The design felt outdated and disconnected from the brand’s evolving identity. Taking cues from their logo, including its typefaces and colour scheme, we embarked on a design refresh. The client desired a darker, more luxurious aesthetic, which we effectively captured in the new website’s design.

Web Development

With a plethora of positive reviews on Google, it was important to highlight these testimonials on the homepage as social proof of their expertise. Moreover, we implemented a before-and-after image comparison module, enabling visitors to visually appreciate the quality of work delivered by Budget Builders.

Search Engine Optimized Catalogue

An extensive product catalogue was developed to meticulously detail the variety of offerings, encompassing different colors, window styles, and hardware options. Though time-consuming, this catalogue serves a dual purpose: aiding search engines in better understanding the breadth of offerings and helping prospective customers navigate through the available options.


The revitalization of Budget Builders’ website has not only brought a contemporary and professional look but also improved mobile responsiveness and user engagement. Our client expressed great satisfaction with this digital upgrade. The website now aligns seamlessly with their specialized focus on doors and windows, offering a clear, user-friendly catalogue of their products. We remain engaged in post-launch SEO work to further enhance the website’s search visibility. Explore their transformed digital presence at https://thewindowdoorstore.ca.