Technical SEO

Your Website's Backbone

Beyond compelling content and engaging design, the success of a website lies in its underlying architecture, which is what technical SEO aims to improve. By optimizing various technical aspects of a website, search engines can crawl, index, understand and rank it more easily and efficiently. As the bedrock of your online presence, having a well-structured, technically sound website is crucial to maximize visibility and ensure all your content efforts don’t go unnoticed.

Technical SEO improves search visibility in various ways.

Why We Are Technical SEO Experts

With our background in web development and technology, we possess an intricate understanding of the inner workings of websites. Unlike many web designers without such background, we comprehend the nuances that can make or break a site’s performance in search engine results. Whether your target audience is local or spans across different regions, our approach to technical SEO ensures your website has the best chance at outranking your competitors. It’s not just about the aesthetics — it’s about ensuring every aspect of your website is primed for peak performance.

Key Benefits

Keyword-driven website structure for enhanced SEO relevance and search engine understanding.


We will structure your website according to the targeted keywords identified during SEO research. Doing so will improve the site's relevance to those keywords, and make it easier for search engines to understand what your site is about.

Streamlined sitemap enhances website crawlability, indexing, and rankings.


A structured sitemap will be created to include only the pages needed to be indexed, and submitted to search engines to help them navigate the website more efficiently. This improved crawlability leads to better indexing and higher rankings.

Site speed optimization techniques for seamless user experience and improved search rankings.


Not only can a slow website deter site visitors, it also affects search rankings. We use various techniques to prioritize speed, ensuring your site loads quickly for a seamless user experience.

Mobile-responsive website: capturing on-the-go audiences and avoiding SEO penalties.


With mobile searches dominating, we ensure your website is mobile-responsive, catering to a vast audience that browses on the go. More importantly, this prevents the website from being penalized by search engines for being non-mobile friendly.

Structured data markup for enhanced SERP visibility with rich snippets.


We employ structured data markup, enhancing your site's visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) with rich snippets such as FAQs, products, and events, in order to boost click-through rates organically.

Redirecting deleted or moved pages for user engagement retention.

404 Errors

Websites go through changes all the time, and sometimes the old pages get deleted or moved. It's important to ensure visits to those non-existent pages are redirected appropriately to prevent users from leaving the site.