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Davies Excavating

Davies Excavating is an excavation company based in Regina, Saskatchewan, that specializes in road building, demolition, high risk excavations, culverts and erosion control. Davies did not have a website before coming to us, so we had to start fresh.

Website’s Design

Davies provided a lot of high quality photos we could use, and as a result, we did not have to use any stock photos for the website. Every picture you see on Davies’s site was taken at a job site they worked on. Unfortunately, they did not have the original file for their logo, but we were able to re-construct the logo in higher quality. We then used the same colours and font found in the logo to build the website, which resulted in a design that is bold, and consistent with their brand identity.

Web Development

Our client wanted a project gallery section to showcase the jobs they worked on. So we programmed a project data type for them to easily upload new images, without having to create a new page every time. While this isn’t difficult to implement, we have come across many websites with the same feature that weren’t done properly. Some web designers would either create a new page for each project rather than building a template, and some would simply install a pre-made plugin that is often bloated with features that are not needed, and therefore increases load time.

This is a relatively small web design project compared to other ones we’ve worked on, but even so we did not cut any corners, and was able to deliver the website in a timely manner, from design to implementation. If you’re looking for web design company in Regina that can build a website that reflects your company’s professionalism, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us as we would love to help.

Check out Davies Excavating’s website at https://daviesexcavating.ca/

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