Memories Dining & Bar

Memories Dining & Bar, previously called Memories Fine Dining, was one of the first website design projects we worked on when we were first established in 2016. They already had a website when they hired us, but the website was poorly designed and did not match the quality of the food and service Memories provides. So we got to work…

Website’s Design

The website features a background video in the banner that was professionally shot to  showcase the restaurant’s luxurious ambiance and mouth-watering cuisines. Not only can site visitors see Memories’ latest menus and specials online, but they can also experience the restaurant through the 3D virtual tour (no longer available) before booking an event, and when they’re ready, make reservations online without picking up their phones.

Search Optimized Content

While Memories was already a very well established fine dining restaurant in Regina, rated #1 on Trip Advisor, they wanted to expand their catering business as many of their patrons did not know that they cater. So we helped Memories create relevant, search engine optimized content for their website to gain leads. Additionally, we put Memories’ various menus online so that not only can people look up the menus prior to their visits, it also helps with search visibility. This decision really paid off during the COVID pandemic, as restaurants started using online menus instead.

By the way, we’re not just saying Memories is awesome because they are our client. We simply haven’t found any other fine dining or Greek restaurant in Regina capable of delivering a consistent 5-star dining experience every time. We love going there for team meetings because they offer free private rooms with projectors.

Check out Memories’ beautiful website at

If you’re looking for a web design company in Regina that builds quality websites like Memories Dining & Bar’s, give us a call and we would love to help!