Hung Well Drywall Ltd.

Hung Well Drywall Ltd. is a drywall service contractor in Regina that does more than just drywall installation and repair. They also install suspended or tiled ceilings, frame interior walls with steel studs, and install insulations for Thermo and soundproofing purposes.

Website’s Design

When they first commissioned us to design and build a website, all we had to work with was their company logo. But from that, we were able to develop a design that is congruent with their brand identity. We used high-quality images throughout the website, and they look good no matter what screen size and orientation the user is on.

Search Engine Optimized Content

As for the website’s content, we asked the owner, Lance, to walk through every step of the services they provide to understand their processes and the tools they use. From that, we were able to write content that accurately describes their services and maximizes search engine exposure. This is why we went through the learning process instead of simply copying and pasting client-supplied content onto web pages.

If you’re looking for a web design company in Regina that would go the extra mile, as opposed to an agency has no interest in learning about your business, especially the details. In that case, chances are they are not going to do the proper keyword research and create search engine optimized content. Our belief at Project Pi is that to be a good business partner, we need to understand our clients’ businesses. So keep us in mind next time you go website shopping.

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