First Nations Jobs Online

First Nations Jobs Online is a website that allows employers to advertise jobs serving underrepresented indigenous, aboriginal candidates. Our client also operates another job board platform serving new Canadian immigrants called Newcomer Jobs Canada. To keep their brand identity consistent, we were required to launch both sites within a short time frame. After many months of analysis, planning, web development, and testing, both sites were launched successfully.

Web Development & Data Migration

Due to their unique business needs, we couldn’t find any existing job board system that could fulfill their requirements right out of the box. In addition, data from the legacy system (based on Jamit Job Board) needed to be migrated. Any existing links to posted jobs would need to remain unchanged. Another unique requirement was to maintain the look and feel of the old website but modernize it and make it mobile-friendly.

Search Engine Optimization

With their new, search engine optimized websites, Google search visibility has doubled, as demonstrated in the screenshot below. Furthermore, jobs aggregator sites can now pick up the feed and list the jobs on their websites as well, which brought additional traffic.

First Nations Jobs Online's Google search visibility doubled since website launch.
The number of clicks from Google Search has doubled since the launch.


Additionally, our client also has internal processes they wished to automate for better efficiency, and we were able to achieve that by combining REST API and Google Cloud Platform.

There are many moving parts in a custom web project like this, especially when migrating from an old system to a new one without any data loss. Only an experienced team of project managers and web developers with expertise in data ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) can pull it off smoothly, and we did. So if you have a similar project you need to tackle, we would be more than happy to help. Give us a call or drop us a line.