ReWatt Power Inc.

ReWatt Power Inc. is a Calgary-based company, their main product is a clean energy, carbon credit trading platform that allows companies and municipalities to buy and sell emission offsets.

Web Development

We did not have to design ReWatt’s website because they already had one put together by a visual designer when they reached out to us. The challenge, however, was to make the design into an actual website, as some of the elements require custom programming. We also made some adjustments to optimize the website for user-experience, mobile devices and search engines, as these are things that visual designers don’t usually take into consideration.

The Result

There are several customizations we had to make to the standard content management system, but we tried to minimize the amount of modules required, as more plugins tend to increase load time and weaken security. The end result is a website that fully loads within 1.5 second, and is exactly what our client had envisioned, aside from the adjustments we made for user experience and search engine visibility. This demonstrates that we really care about whether or not the websites we build bring financial return to our clients.

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