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Sometimes people want to get out of their gym membership contract and transfer it to another person  because they moved, got injured, sick or simply due to financial reasons. is a platform that allows them to list their membership for sale, and prospective buyers to search through the listings by gym types, locations, fees and ultimately take over the gym membership.

Web Development

We used an existing WordPress listing solution as a base to shorten the development cycle. There are, however, gaps between the requirements and what the existing solution can do; which is why custom development was required. Additionally, we made several visual improvements to the existing solution to make it more usable.

This classified platform has Google Maps built in, with listings overlaid on top. What makes our implementation stand out from the rest, is that not only can users search for nearby listings easily, they can see a street view of the gyms. Also, most directory sites require site owners to import a list of pre-determined locations for users to choose from, ours does not. All cities and towns can be created on the fly, with the filed under the appropriate province, state and country.

E-commerce Capabilities

The website also had the capability to have various listing packages, so that gym membership holders can promote their listings in hope for a quicker sale. The incentive for buyers, for the lack of better words, is that they might be able to get a membership at a better rate, or even receive cash incentive from sellers for taking over their memberships. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Search Engine Optimization

No commercial website project is complete without SEO. Not only is the website’s structure optimized for search engines, we also optimize its content.

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