FAQ Schema for Elementor is a free, light-weight plugin for adding FAQ schema in JSON-LD format to webpages built with Elementor. We developed this plugin due to internal needs, because we do search engine optimization for our clients. While there are Elementor widgets out there that produce FAQ schema, the ones we found all render FAQs in accordions. We wanted something that creates only the structured data without rendering anything on the front end. You can install this plugin from WordPress’s repository, or download it from WordPress.org.

Locating the Widget

You can find the FAQ Schema widget listed under the General tab of Elementor. Simply drag and drop it onto the page. Since Elementor adds a bottom margin to every element in a section, except the last one, you should avoid placing the FAQ schema widget at the end of a section. What that will do is add unnecessary margin to the very last visible widget. 

FAQ Schema widget selection screen.
This is the content screen for adding FAQ questions and answers.

Adding Content

After placing the widget on the page, you can start by entering your first question and answer. The input boxes accept multiple lines of text, as well as dynamic content such as WordPress variables and custom fields. However, for that feature to work, you will need Elementor Pro. If you would like to add more questions and answers, simply click the “Add Item” button. You can add as many as you like, but keep them in the same widget. Do not use more than one FAQ Schema widget per page, it will still work but won’t pass Google’s structured data test. 

Verifying the Output

After you’re done, save your page, you can test the output by using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. If you have caching turned out, make sure you clear it first. Right now, the generated script is not minified, but we may consider it down the road.

Final structured data output in JSON-LD.

And that’s it, you’re done. This is a lot more manageable than using structured data generator. You have any feedback or suggestion regarding this plugin, please contact us. Have fun search engine optimizing.