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Accessibility Worx

Accessibility Worx is a job board that is designed specifically for job seekers with disabilities. It aims to remove two barriers that job seekers with disabilities often face, one is website that’s not operable using a screen reader or only a keyboard, and the other being the lack of workplace accommodations.

Website’s Design

The design of the website is very simple, and minimalistic – very different from the websites we typically design. It was designed that way to be screen reader and keyboard-friendly, as well as to reduce distraction. The colours were chosen to provide enough contrast for people with visual impairment, and font for people with Dyslexia.

While there are other similar job boards in Canada that target the same underrepresented group, most of them, if not all, simply install some sort of accessibility plug-in and called it a day. This means they’re not truly accessible. For example, when selecting the location from the search dropdown, a screen reader needs to be able to read out the cities for people that are visually impaired, but that’s not the case for several of the competitors we tested.

We try to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) throughout the website where we can. There are cases where it’s not possible without significant customization, but we are committed to continue to improve it.


When submitting a job posting, employers are asked to provide a list of workplace accommodations they can offer the employees. With that information, job seekers can search for jobs that can accommodate their unique needs, whether it’s wheelchair access, technical aids or the flexibility to work from home.

While other job boards have a resume section, we chose to eliminate it because we feel it’s too cumbersome to ask job seekers with visual impairment to navigate through a resume builder. Instead, applications are emailed directly to employers and recruiters. To minimize spam, their emails are not displayed publicly, and there is robot checker in place.

This job board also integrates with PayPal as its payment gateway. When a job posting is submitted and payment processed, the job will get posted automatically without the need for manual processing.

Search Engine Visibility

As always, SEO is a priority and this is no exception. The website is optimized for search engines structurally. Job type schema markup can be found in the source code of every job posting, to ensure it can be picked up by job aggregators such as Google and therefore maximize its visibility.

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