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Having a monthly consulting plan with us is like having your own digital marketing & IT department.


$150 per hour

Discount available starting at 4 consulting hours a month, see below for details.


Our consulting hours can be utilized towards services such as:

Sign up for a year and we will double the amount of hours in the first 3 months to help you jumpstart your website or campaign.

Additionally, our monthly subscription includes:

Please enter the number of hours if you’d like to subscribe to below to calculate your monthly rate.

Number of Hours

Monthly Rate

Hourly Rate

You Save

Overage is billed at a regular hourly rate of $150.


$70 per month


Includes 25,000* monthly visits, 10GB storage and 50GB bandwidth. One visit is one unique IP address within a 24-hour period. While we reserve the right to bill for overage, we have never done so, nor will it result in an outage. The limits are in place to prevent network abuse.

Updated on April 12, 2022 due to error.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which encrypts all traffic between a website and its visitors. Having one provides site visitors peace of mind and also improves a website’s ranking in search engines.

The most recent 30 backups are kept, including any manually created ones.

A test environment is a cloned sandbox website where development and testing can occur without affecting the live site.

A Content Delivery Network places static copies of your website in various parts of the world so that it loads fast regardless of where your site visitors are from. This is important as Canada is such a wide country. For example, without a CDN, a website hosted in Toronto may not load as fast for visitors from Vancouver, which negatively affects user experience.

Websites run on computer software that needs to be updated from time to time to ensure all known security vulnerabilities and bugs are fixed.

Incremental offsite backup could impact performance, therefore it is up to the client to decide whether to opt in or not.

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