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Monthly Plans

Having a monthly consulting plan with us is like having your own IT and marketing department.

Our Pricing


$ 70 Monthly (*)
  • Canadian web hosting on Google Cloud (*)
  • Common WordPress Plugins
  • Security certificate
  • Daily backup (*)
  • Test environment
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Each consulting hour is $150


$ 535 Monthly
  • Include hosting
  • Site security scan (*)
  • Site speed monitoring (*)
  • Site software updates (*)
  • Website off-site backup (*)
  • Priority support
  • Site performance report
  • Free website (*)
  • 5 consulting hours, covers a new page or a small ad campaign, plus minor content updates. (*)


$ 970 Monthly
  • Everything in the Premium plan features.
  • 11 total consulting hours, covers 2 new pages or a medium-sized ad campaign, plus minor content updates.


$ 1,700 Monthly
  • Everything in the Ultimate plan.
  • 23 total consulting hours, covers 4 new pages or a more extensive ad campaign, plus minor content updates.


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  • Personalized plan for your organization's unique business needs.

(*) We reserve the right to change our pricing. Existing clients will be notified in advance and existing contracts won’t be affected until renewal. Pricing for the plans were last updated on October 22, 2018.

(*) Hosting includes 20,000 visits (unique IPs over a 24-hour period), 4 GB storage and 8 TB network bandwidth a month. Overage fee may apply but service will not be interrupted.

(*) Backups are kept for 30 days. If manual backups were created, only the most recent 30 backups are retained.

(4) These are only estimate. The actual amount of work covered may vary and depend on various factors.

(*) Some of the features, such as running a secondary off-site backup, will impact performance. We may recommend against certain features for high traffic, demanding sites, but ultimately it would be up to the client to decide.

(*) Depends on the complexity of the desired website, additional charges may apply or a higher tiered plan may be required. We also reserve the right to bill clients for web development costs if the subscription is cancelled within a year.

(*) Prices displayed do not include ad spend paid to advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.


The Client can use consulting hours towards web development, marketing, IT solutions, general business consulting, or whatever tasks both parties agree with. Typically they are used on website content changes, search engine optimization, creating new pages, managing marketing campaigns, and software implementation.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which encrypts all traffic between a website and its visitors. Having one provides site visitors peace of mind and also improves a website’s ranking in search engines.

A test environment is a cloned sandbox website where development and testing can occurwithout affecting the live site.

Websites run on computer software that needs to be updated from time to time to ensure all known security vulnerabilities and bugs are fixed.

A Content Delivery Network places static copies of your website in various parts of the world so that it loads fast regardless of where your site visitors are from. This is important as Canada is such a wide country. For example, without a CDN, a website hosted in Toronto may not load as fast for visitors from Vancouver, which negatively affects user experience.

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