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Warren Steinley, Member of Parliament

Warren Steinley, formerly a Saskatchewan Party MLA, was elected MP to represent the Regina-Lewvan electoral district in the 2019 election. Since he is now with the Conservative Party, he needed a consistent website with the party’s identity. We followed Conservative’s official brand identity style guide very rigorously to ensure the proper logo, colour codes, fonts, and style are used for this project. The result is a more brand consistent website than the Conservative’s own website as of January 2020. For example, the buttons and several other styling elements are skewed at the same degree as the party’s logo, so visitors can tell the party Warren is affiliated with right away.

Since Warren regularly updates his social media profiles, we have a Facebook feedset upp to pull the latest posts from his Facebook page. Another web design feature is that it would also download the latest feed from the Conservatives party website, so when the party issues a statement, it will show up on Warren’s site. Both of these would save Warren’s staff time for not updating the website all the time manually. Check out his new website at the link below.


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