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The Economic Club of Africa in New York

The Economic Club of Africa in New York (ECANY) is a non-profit organization that aims to further deepen the US-Africa trade and investment relationship. They needed a new website but had a really tight deadline of just over a week.

Website’s Design

We started the design process by taking colour codes from ECANY’s logo. Afterwards, we extracted individual letters from the logo to identify the font that was used. These two steps are to ensure that the design of the website is congruent with the logo, and that ECANY’s brand identity stays consistent.

In addition to the default blog post type, we implemented two other post types – Events and Speakers, as well as all associated templates. This allows ECANY to add future events and speakers with ease, without having to create new pages and link them individually.

Technical SEO

Even though that SEO wasn’t a priority for this project, we still ensured that the structure of the website is optimized for search engines. We also ensured that individual events have schema markup that will get picked up by search engines, such as Google, so that events can be displayed as rich results.


Some of the content provided were in images, and therefore they could not be copied and pasted into the website. Rather than going back and forth with the client to get the content in a different format, we used an optical character recognition engine (OCR) to extract the content from these images. This is something most web design agencies probably won’t do.


A project like this usually takes longer to finish, but we were able to expedite it to have it completed over two weekends, from design to finish.

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