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GoSky Digital Marketing

GoSky Digital Marketing is a company based in Halifax that specializes in Facebook chatbots. Before coming to us, they had a website designed using Wix.com which just didn’t cut it, so they came to us. They wanted a simple, one-pager website that links to their AI-based Facebook chatbot, and let their chatbot do all the work. Since most of their clients are in Canada and Taiwan, we designed them a bilingual website that features images of Canadian and Taiwanese landmarks, as well as images of the sky that matches their brand identity.

If you ever need a bilingual or multilingual website, let us know and we would be able to hook you up. Also, if you’ve been bombarded with Facebook messages from prospective clients, talk to us and we’ll introduce you to our friends at GoSky. They would be able to help you deal with these inquiries even when you’re asleep.


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