How Much Does Web Design Cost?

Ever wonder how much it costs to have a website designed? The short answer is, the cost of web design can range from free to hundreds of thousands. Allow me to explain…

Free Options

Yes, you can build one yourself using free services such as Wix, or ask a techie friend to help you. However, without expert knowledge, chances are it won’t be done professionally, and your site won’t look good on all devices and orientations. It likely won’t rank well in search engines either, which means you’ll end up paying for it with lost market opportunities. So is free really free?

Sky is the Limit

Large corporations can easily spend $50,000 or more on a website. International ones can spend over $200,000. Many web design or digital agencies won’t even respond to inquiries from clients with budget lower than $100,000. After all, websites are a channel of advertising, that’s why companies are willing to spend millions on web design, domain and digital marketing.

Why Web Design Costs So Much?

According to the industry leading staffing agency, Robert Half, the median salaries in 2018 for web designers and senior web developers are $61,250 and $100,000. Designers focus on the front-end, while developers focus on the back. A designer agency would a team of those professionals to feed. If they work as individual consultants, they would have to charge more to cover insurance and pension. If he or she expects to make $6,000 a month, the profit needs to be $1,500 a week to make it worthwhile. So for a $1,500 project, a designer would have no choice but to rush it by editing some existing template. The result would be a website built without much love or care, because it may take a designer hours just to find the perfect images that work with your content, and hours to test the design on multiple devices and orientations.

The Differences?

Simple, it’s functionality and quality. The more money you spend on a website, the more it can do, the more resources and time are spent on making sure every single detail is thought and taken care of. Does the website look visually pleasing? Does it scale nicely on all devices and orientations? Does it rank well in search engines? Does it load fast enough to get good Google PageSpeed rating? Is it secure? Does it convert visitors to customers? These are the things you might not think of but web designers do.

Offshore Outsourcing?

You can outsource your website to some third-world country developers for few hundred dollars, but chances are they won’t have a good understanding of your business and market. Not to mention you might experience language and cultural barriers.

How Much to Budget?

Just like investments, you should only spend what you can afford. That said, if your budget is too low, you might end up spending money again to replace a bad website. Our suggestion is to spend enough so that it is at least a quality website you can build on in the future.

Website is an Investment

If for every dollar spend on digital marketing, you get more than a dollar back in return, what would you do? You would, of course, keep spending more on it, wouldn’t you? So stop seeing websites and digital marketing as expenses, instead, consider them investments that will put more money in your pocket.

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